Top 10 Reasons to choose C# in 2022 over other languages

Reasons why you should switch to C# in 2022 and in next couple of years to become a better software enginner/programmer.

Top 10 Reasons to choose C# in 2022 over other languages

Top 10 Reasons to choose C# in 2022 over other languages.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions, and not criticizing/comparing other languages

1. The First Reason - Performance

The new and upcomming Dotnet versions are becomming more popular and faster than previous versions. Dotnet 6 version with C#10 has soo much faster than C#9. Features that boost performance like ReadonlySpan, ReadonlyMemory and C# also supports Unsafe blocks and Pointers to access memory using Pointers.

2. Second Reason - Cross-Platform Development/Deployment

When Dotnet core 1.0.0 released Dotnet became Cross-Platform and it can run on various platforms like Windows, MacOS, Linux and so onn. With the Latest version i,e Dotnet 6 / Dotnet 7 (currently preview) this can run fully natively on every platform, Every platform has seperate runtimes to run your code.

3. Third Reason - Huge Support from Microsoft and Community

This is one of the main reason to choose C# as their primary language, where Microsoft is backed with Dotnet and it will rule until the microsoft exists. And also there is a huge community to support when we stuck in the middle of the project.

4. Fourth Reason - UI Development

There are so many Frameworks available in Dotnet to develop Applications for Desktop, mobile, Embedded <span style="\"text-decoration:" underline;\"="">etc these include WinForms (the legacy one), WPF (Windows Presentation foundation), UWP (Universal Windows Platform), Xamarin (Cross-Platform) formerly known as Dotnet MAUI(Multi-Platform Application UI) .

5. Fifth Reason - Web Application Development

This is the reason why Corporate/Enterprises use C# for running their Businesses. ASP.NET Core is a Full-Stack Web application framework developed and Maintained by Microsoft, it is Open-Source released under MIT Licence. It can support MVC, Web API, SPA (Single-Page App), Razor Pages <span style="\"text-decoration:" underline;\"="">etc.

6. Sixth Reason - Cross-Platform Game Development

For Game development in C# we can use Unity Game Engine / Godot Engine . These 2 engines are most popular game engines that uses C# as their Core scripting language. Unity is a proprietary Game engine and Godot is free and open-source engine. They both are easy to get started with and also has steep learning curve.

7. Seventh Reason - C# is simple, easy to use and more beginner-friendly

As a developer, like it or not, you spend most of your time reading and understanding code rather than writing it. C# is easier to read and it has the beautiful syntax in it. C# was mainly inspired by C, C++, Java languages and Language Designers took best parts from all these languages.

8. Eighth Reason - C# is Multi-Paradigm, Object-Oriented, Functional and General Purpose Language

C# has started as a Object-Oriented Language and evolved to become Functional, general purpose <span style="\"text-decoration:" underline;\"="">etc. C# supports Generics for general type parameters to work with, LINQ(Language-Integrated-Query) is one of the most used C# feature to Query the Collections is effective and more fluent way.

9. Nineth Reason - C# is a Managed Language

Unlike C/C++ languages, C# manages memory efficiently and automatically . It has Garbage collector which collects the unused/dereferenced objects at runtime. Dotnet runtime has CLR (Common Language Runtime) does JIT (Just-In-Time) compilation for IL Code (intermediate Language).

C# has been for around 22 years (released in 2000) and actively developed, fully matured and significantly evolved over the decades. C# is in very active development. The latest stable release is C# 10 that was released in November 2021 and introduced many improvements to the language. Every november microsoft releases new Dotnet and C# versions which has soo many good features and Performance improvements.

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posted on: 24/08/2022